No matter how nice it is, most of our beloved furniture gets boring after a certain time. If you are thinking of changing the furniture in your home, to be precise– Your bedroom, keep in mind that you do not have to buy matching furniture sets. Sounds quite obvious, but many people think that mixing and matching furniture is wrong. On the contrary! It can be a true delight and much better than classic options.

You can always work with what you have, so sometimes there is no need to buy the entire set, but only change some parts of your furniture you like the least. Read on to find out a few tips about matching and mixing furniture in your bedroom.

 Be aware of your bedroom space

Don’t get carried away with something that doesn’t fit in your room. This is especially important when mixing furniture, because some pieces you would like to emphasize may be stuck somewhere out of sight.

Think About the Texture

 The texture of your furniture is very important. It may appear warm and welcoming but also too sterile or rigid. You can mix materials and make interesting combinations, like wood and metal. It may not sound attractive, but you would be surprised.

 Think About the Color

The whole point of mixing furniture is to turn your bedroom into something special – a comfortable space that you love. There is no point in choosing the same color for every piece of your furniture. If there is one piece with a distinctive color, you can subtly intertwine the same color through various details in the room.

 Do not be afraid to mix different stylesTop Tips for Matching and Mixing Bedroom Furniture

A distinctive style contrast can be quite refreshing and a true treat for your room. Modern and old-fashion furniture get along very well. You can always match a modern bed with a rustic dresser. Look for various offers in some bedroom furniture online stores in Kenya, which will inspire you and present some new ideas.

Find a connecting link

 If there are some pieces of furniture you always wanted to have, but they don’t really fit together – there is a simple solution. Take something that will unify them, like a large carpet or rug. You will be amazed at the effect.

The beauty is in asymmetry

Top Tips for Matching and Mixing Bedroom Furniture

 Although we know that asymmetric face is a pretty face, this doesn’t apply to bedroom furniture. Oversized pieces can fit right in the rest of the bedroom setting. Asymmetry will also help to avoid overly formal look.

 Think outside of the box

Top Tips for Matching and Mixing Bedroom Furniture

Last but not  least. This tip is very important. Make your mixing and matching fun. Think about how nice it will be when your project is done. Furnish your room in accordance with your temperament and desires. The lighting in the room is also very important. Lamps are always a good choice. Vintage or modern – you choose.

Many interior designers will recommend not to choose matching furniture. By mixing and matching, you will give a special note to your bedroom and make it unique. Companies like Forever Furniture & Designs have a whole myriad of furniture pieces that will surely fulfill your desires. And they also repair and make personalized furniture.


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