Whether you’re looking to have a custom piece built or are shopping for an existing piece, there are some important things to consider during your search.Because buying new furniture can be a big commitment. Especially if you are going to want it to last for many years to come.

To make the process easier for you, forever furniture and designs has compiled a list of questions to ask before you purchase your furniture.

How many people would you like to accommodate?

Whether you are going the custom way or buying a ready-made piece of furniture, it is important to consider how many people you would like to fit in. If you are looking for a new table, how many dinner guests are you hoping to seat comfortably? Are you looking for a table that will frequently be able to entertain a large dinner party? Before you purchase anything, you should have the answers to all of these questions in your mind. You want to make sure the table is functional, in addition to being pleasing. If it can’t accommodate your guests, then it is probably not worth buying.

Does it fit in the room?

It is easy to lean towards a piece of furniture that is too big or too small for your room. But you don’t want to try to squeeze a large table into a small kitchen or dining room. The piece should meet all of your needs, not just some of them. Be sure to measure your room before shopping for furniture to ensure you know the exact dimensions you need. If you decide to have a piece of custom furniture built for you, forever furniture and designs will work with you to ensure the piece is the perfect size for your space.

Will it fit through the front door?

This may seem obvious, but it can be easy to overlook the size of your table, desk, or coffee table. It may fit in your space, but will you be able to get in into your house? Be sure to measure your front door so you can be sure the piece you’re purchasing will fit through it.

How much can you actually spend?

Be sure that your furniture is within your budget and you can afford it. If you are buying high-quality furniture, it is an investment that is worthwhile because it will last much longer than the store brand furniture. That being said, if you can not afford to spend thousands on a custom piece of furniture, take that into consideration when you are shopping and look within your means.

Will you still like it in the future?

You may instantly fall in love with a table or  a sofa as soon as you see it, but you have to stop and think about how long it will last. Will you still love it just as much a year from now? Ten years from now? If you move to a new home, is the furniture versatile enough to match a new space? If you are not sure you will still be just as attached to it years down the road, you should probably keep looking.

When do you need it by?

If you are ordering a custom piece of furniture, keep in mind it can take several weeks, if not months to build. So, if you have a deadline, be sure to convey that to those building your furniture. 

Last Words

Like I said buying furniture is a very big commitment that should not be taken lightly. If you’re still looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your home,  browse our selection on  their Facebook forever furniture and designs and let the professionals do the rest.


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