Furniture upholstery .It  is usually more cost-effective to repair furniture instead of buying new pieces. So whether you’re looking for leather couch repair services or custom upholstery,We at Forever furniture & designs can take your furniture from broken to beautiful. Also at very affordable prices.

What types of services does Forever Furniture & Designs company offer?

When an armrest breaks on your antique rocking chair or the mid-century sofa you inherited has a huge rip in the fabric. It’s time to call our furniture repair professionals!

Re-upholstery/upholstery repair includes redoing/outfitting items like chairs and sofas with springs, padding and fabric coverings. This can also include adding fringe, piping, tufting or additional decorative elements to a furniture piece. We will also advise you about the pros and cons of different fabrics. So you can choose the best type for the project in your home.

Furniture refinishing: Primarily applies to wooden furniture pieces, and involves stripping furniture pieces of their finish and applying a new stain, lacquer and/or varnish. 

Furniture Repair and Upholstery Services : Forever Furniture & Designs

Furniture restoration consists of minor cleaning and cosmetic fixes; restoration is primarily about maintaining a piece’s general design. And cleaning up the exterior so the structural beauty can shine through.

Custom upholstery is upholstery designed specifically for an individual piece/client. While these one-of-a-kind fabric coverings tend to be more expensive than mainstream pieces. They are both usually more durable and aesthetically pleasing. 

We at Forever furniture & designs contractors work directly with interior designers and decorators, custom designing or re-covering furniture for home decor projects. Here are some related professionals and vendors that complement our work of upholstery in Nairobi: Interior Designers & Decorators, Furniture & Accessories.

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