In today’s time, our homes depict our modern thinking with modern furniture but class always stands out with wooden or antique furniture. We might be getting into modern furniture design but our love for contemporary look makes us fabricate the modern design in to wooden master pieces

To keep the vintage look, it is all the more important to pay attention and take extra care to maintain it. We might be doing our best to maintain our drawing rooms, but do we pay the same attention to our dining room furniture and bedroom furniture?

Most of the times, all wooden furniture comes with a huge price and dusting them once in a while do not make your investment last long but on the other hand tarnish the quality. We might not realise but bedroom has become one of the most used rooms and so, it is prone to more wear and tear. Forever furniture & designs smart ways can help us save our furniture. Few do’s and don’ts can make all the difference.


  1. It is important to do dusting but special care should be taken otherwise the furniture will be left with stains and scratches. If you think that dry cloth is the safe way of cleaning— then you are WRONG, my friend!
  2. Dusting should be a regular feature, but polishing regularly is a BIG NO! Some polishes contain silicones and they can become food for the dining room furniture, seep into the wood grains and damage it permanently.Other furniture in the house should also be treated similarly.
  3. Do not place the furniture in such a manner that it receives direct sun rays. High temperature and direct rays from the sun can damage the furniture. Even high humidity areas should be avoided as it can cause the wood to damage.
  4. Do not bring or use sharp objects on the furniture as it can give scratches on the furniture and leave a wound on your as well as your table’s heart.
  5. Do not place hot pots and pans directly on the dining room tables They can leave burnt marks and it can damage the wood! They need coasters or trivets to absorb the heat and avoid direct contact.

Self-Care is the best care

  1. You need to use soft and clean cloth, dampened with water for cleaning and dusting. Most important tip is to take care while rubbing the cloth gently .
  2. Preferably use table cloth to protect the top from harmful ultraviolet rays. There can be extra protection with coasters and table runners. It also adds a touch of elegance to the furniture!
  3. Use curtains or blinds in the bedroom/dining room to avoid fading of the furniture. It will lessen the effect of the rays. Changing the position of the furniture can also help.
  4. In case of spill of any liquid, wipe it off quickly so that it does not seep into the wood. And affect the grains of the wood.

These simple Do’s and Don’ts can make our furniture glow and breathe long. Visit our Facebook page 4Ever Furniture & Designs for more on furniture.

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