We understand the dilemma of choosing that perfect piece of chair. Trust us, when you have no or little knowledge about that wooden finish upholstery you always wanted to have. Or when are you are left stranded in between choosing the price and durability. Choosing handmade furniture is also not that easy.

To go for the best wood suited for your dream home depends on where you live, the features you want, its durability in a given climate and maintenance. But, what exactly is the best kind of timber to give your house that warm look?

Types Of Wood

Solid Wood is not simple solid wood. It is any wooden material that does not have hollow spaces in them. It holds immense strength and is not prone to diseases or degradation. Solid woods can be categorised into hard and soft wood to segregate specifically.

Contrary to the popular and ignorant belief, hardwoods are not the supreme species of hardwood found in nature. It simply means that it comes from ‘deciduous trees’. These species of trees sheds its leaves annually. It may be harder or softer than the softwood depending on its geographical location and innate built. They are mostly used as furniture. Hard woods: Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch

Guide To Choose The Best Wood For Your Furniture

Softwood: The real hero in the furniture industry
This is the most widely used furniture wood. In fact, this kind of wood is preferred to make most of the things required to furnish a house. Whether it’s a cabinet, the kitchen cupboards, or something else softwood makes its presence advertently. Custom wood furniture decor owes largely to softwood. Soft Woods: Pine, Sal, Red Cedar, Redwood,

Guide To Choose The Best Wood For Your Furniture

In Conclusion

In choosing the furniture that works best for your home is dependent on your budget, the kind of climate you live in, and your taste of interiors (or exterior for that matter).

However, having a little knowledge beforehand is no harm. Choosing the right kind of wood is not only an investment but also a promise to be a connoisseur in your own dwelling. Visit our Facebook page 4Ever Furniture & Designs to learn more on furniture upholstery.




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