Choosing furniture for small apartments and flats is a challenging task. Belongings are more than the space available, which is why homeowners end up stashing them everywhere. Understanding the limitation of space, you must give more importance to functionality over aesthetics. Organizing things in a small apartment becomes easy with space-saving furniture.


Below are some factors that Forever Furniture & Designs think will help you when shopping for furniture for your small apartment.

This is the best way to save space and store your belongings neatly in a small apartment. There are various types of multi-purpose furniture and you must choose based on your requirements. Sofa-beds are versatile and serve as a great option when you have guests at home. And need extra places to sleep. Coffee tables and centre tables, which can double as storage spaces. Are also a good investment as they’re essential accent furniture.

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Furniture pieces that are constructed using simple designs suit smaller apartments best. Choose a sofa and beds with slim legs and simple headboards so that the room appears airier and more spacious. Look for furniture that is specifically designed for small apartments. Corner racks and cupboards, for example, are perfect space-savers and great utility pieces, provided they are used wisely. Opt for wrought iron or simple wood work since they are durable and light.

Placing furniture along the wall will free up floor space, creating an illusion of a larger area. Choose wall-mounted shelves and TV stands for storage and functionality. Shift beds, divans and sofas around the perimeter of the room. Make the most out of the walls by opting for utensil racks that can be mounted to a wall. Or foldable laptop desks and benches.

Accepting the fact that you have limited space. Move on to find ways you can create the illusion of more room. Light plays an important role in this segment of interior decorating. Select furniture that doesn’t block the lighting of the room, especially if there’s only one source of natural light. Mount mirrors on the wall opposite to the window so that the room is brightened by the reflection. With glass top tables and open bookshelves, the overall decor appears airy.

When the space is limited, investing in furniture that serves a specific purpose can be a major limitation. Improvise and select pieces that you can use multiple ways.  For example, dining chairs can be used in any other room. As well and bookshelves can also double as utensil racks and curio display shelves. A bench can be an additional seating arrangement inside the apartment. While a centre or vanity table can function as a desk for your home office.

The above-mentioned tips will help you decorate your small apartment better. At Forever furniture & design, we have a wide range of furniture for you to explore that are ideal for smaller homes. Visit our Facebook page 4Ever Furniture & Designs for more of what we do.


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