So now you have your vintage piece of furniture that you got from your parents or maybe you just bought it from the market somewhere. It has not yet lost its flavor but it looks a little tarnished , what do you do? Do you throw it away? or do you upholster it?

The Best Furniture Repair And Upholstery Services In Kenya

I am not one to receive gift but I once owned a vintage wardrobe from my grandparents. It had seen better days but I just had to have it. Because of the love I had for my wardrobe I tried a number of things to make it look lively like using sandpaper to scrap off the outer layer. I learnt this in primary school when we used to clean our desk. Finally putting my education into good use, I thought. That only worked for a while and I resulted into painting it. To say the least I now have a lot of painting supplies if anyone is buying.

I had lost hope for my wardrobe because the legs were now giving out and I was not willing to go into carpentry until my friend took me to this shop in Dagoretti corner called forever furniture and designs. These professionals solely major on furniture upholstery. I dint even know upholstery was a word until i saw what they did.

Furniture Reupholstery

Reupholstery put simply is the process of taking the upholstery off your existing furniture and replacing it with a new upholstery weight fabric. It is the perfect way to revive a much loved piece without compromising on the comfort and style of the original design.

Why Choose Forever Furniture And Designs

Unfortunately for my wardrobe it could not be repaired because the wood was too old and too weak. So for those with vintage furniture or even those whose furniture has seen better days do not throw them away. Just visit forever furniture and designs on Facebook and get a quote on your furniture.These guys will leave your furniture looking good as new.


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