What is Reupholstery?

When your furniture is of a good quality but has seen better days, re-upholstery is the ideal solution. It’s the perfect way to revive a much loved piece without compromising on the comfort and style of the original design.

Reupholstery doesn’t just mean recovering your furniture in the latest fabrics. Using the expertise of traditional craftsmen, forever furnitures Upholstering will painstakingly strip back your furniture down to its original frame and bring out the unique features you first fell in love with.

Reupholstery Techniques

There are many processes involved in traditional reupholstery techniques, from basic tasks like pin stuffing to the more complex, such as deep buttoning.

Different styles of furniture will require different kinds of reupholstering. It’s not always clear at first glance what processes will be carried out. Which is why we carry out an extensive inspection on your furniture to determine what we can do to make it look beautiful again.

The very first thing we’ll do with your furniture is referred to as ‘taking down’. Whereby we carry out an inspection of the frame. During this process, we can identify what needs to be done to restore your furniture to its former glory. Re-springing, for example, is not always necessary depending on the condition of the springs. We can guarantee that whatever needs repairing, will be expertly carried out to the highest standard.

Forever Furnitures’s Reupholstery Process

forever furnitures Upholstering prides itself on its people and they have an extensive network of  master upholsterers in the country, so we are often using the local expertise that’s right on your doorstep to complete the work on your furniture. Vist www.foreverfurnitures.co.ke


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