A home having pets and kids at home is a pleasant place to live in. We all love the presence of these cute innocent beings. But, this adds up to the maintenance needs as well. Everything, including the cleanliness and the well being of the home needs to be looked into. Small kids and pets such as cats will keep moving around the house. Have you observed scratches on your furniture, especially the ones made of leather? This is a common phenomenon caused when you have a cat or a small kid who keeps placing with toys.

It is indeed disheartening to see some of your expensive leather collections being scratched and damaged. You need not always call an upholstery repair professional to make it proper. A number of professionals providing Leather Repair services in Austin have observed that people are ready to spend for even the minor scratches caused on the furniture. There are three kinds of scratches that one would need to identify so as to know what treatment needs to be conducted.

1. Minor Scratches

These are the most common form of scratches in which nothing more than the color and the look of the leather is affected. They do not affect the leather on the whole, but just the coating. Oil can prove to be the best solution that can be used for such scratches. Any form of plant oil such as olive oil or orange oil, or even shoe polish would help in clearing these scratches.

But, like any other products, you need to confirm it with the manufacturing company, whether the product you would be using will not cause harm to the leather. You can simply leave on some oil or polish on the area of the scratch and wipe it off in a while. There is another simpler method wherein you could soak a piece of cloth in oil or polish and keep rubbing it over the scratch. Keep in mind that it is necessary that the leather absorbs oil.

2. Deep Scratches

These are the forms of scratches where the leather is cut all through. These deep cuts make it look really bad. At such times, you would need a cloth rubbed in Lanolin cream. Rub this cloth nicely in the perpendicular direction of the cut. This will help you to flatten the leather. You may need a number of layers of Lanolin. You can use it, but, be careful that it does not darken the area of leather. Once this is done, you may need a leather repair kit or it is best to call leather repair professionals if you have no idea of how you would go about doing the job.

3. Pulling out of Fibers

This form of scratch is when the fibers are being pulled off. This may not seem to look a lot, but is may later cause holes and thus cracking of the leather material. You would need to first clean the area with a trusted deep cleanser. After this is done,carefully cut of the extra fiber so that the surface becomes smoother. Apply leather bond on a piece of cloth and rub the cloth gently on the leather surface. Fill these areas with a heavy filler to even out the areas. After about 20 to 25 minutes, when the filler is completely dry, one can sand the surface area. The final step is to clean it with an alcohol cleaner.

You can now cater to your own leather maintenance and repair needs of yourself without depending on any to come and do it

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